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The main or central root.
Entry link: Taproot


Tip or end position.
Entry link: Terminal

Terminal Bud

Bud arising from the tip of a stem.
Entry link: Terminal Bud

Terminal Mouth

A mouth opening at the anterior tip of the head in which the upper and lower jaws are approximately the same length with neither one extending beyond the other.
Entry link: Terminal Mouth


With teeth, as in the margin of a leaf.
Entry link: Toothed


Water Chestnut Family. Comprised of 1 genera and 2 species of annual, aquatic, rooted or floating herbs. Members of this family have alternate, floating leaves in rosettes and only present at the upper nodes. They also have submerged roots that are paired but not opposite.

Entry link: Trapaceae


Ending abruptly, as if chopped off.
Entry link: Truncate


A thickening of a rhizome, functioning as a form of food storage and/or for reproduction.
Entry link: Tuber


A small bulb-like structure.
Entry link: Turion