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Geranium Family. Comprised of 7 genera and about 800 species. They are typically herbs with spiral or opposite leaves and used in the production of essential oils and cultivated ornamentals. Members of this family can be annual or perennial, usually have blue, mauve, red, pink or white (not yellow) flowers with five petals, and a beaked seed capsule.
Entry link: Geraniaceae


African Violet Family. Comprised of 147 genera and about 3,200 species of mostly tropical and subtropical herbaceous or slightly woody plants. Many of which are of economic importance as horticultural ornamentals. Members of this family usually have underground fibrous roots, tubers or scaly rhizomes, irregular flowers with five sepals and five petals, and produce many small seeds in a capsule.
Entry link: Gesneriaceae


Smooth, without hairs.
Entry link: Glabrous


Having glands.
Entry link: Glandular


Covered with a whitish, fine, waxy powder that rubs off.
Entry link: Glaucaus


Goby family. Comprised of more than 200 genera and 2,200 species. They are small, bony, carnivorous and primarily live in marine habitats.

Entry link: Gobiidae