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(formerly Leguminosae) Pea Family. Comprised of more than 700 genera and about 20,000 species of trees, shrubs, vines and herbs. It is the third largest plant family behind Orchidaceae and Asteraceae.
Entry link: Fabaceae


Containing fibers.
Entry link: Fibrous


Either of the two front wings of a four-winged insect.
Entry link: Forewing


Breaking into smaller pieces; production of a new individual from a piece of the original plant.
Entry link: Fragmentation


Lanternfly Family. Comprised of about 143 genera and 716 species of brilliantly colored, moderate to large sized insects. Some members of this family are characterized by a hollow projection on their head which resembles a snout. It is sometimes inflated, nearly as long as the body, long and upturned.

Entry link: Fulgoridae