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Oleaster Family. Comprised of 3 genera of shrubs and small trees of the Northern Hemisphere. Plants have a characteristic silvery or rusty-colored sheen, produced by a covering a tiny, distinctive scales. Root nodules contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Entry link: Elaeagnaceae


Referring to an aquatic plant that extends above the water's surface.
Entry link: Emergent


Without teeth, as in a leaf margin.
Entry link: Entire


Heath Family. Comprised of 126 genera and about 4,000 species of shrubs and small trees. Many species are cultivated and thrive in open, barren land with acidic, poorly drained soils. Members of this family usually have woody stems, simple evergreen leaves growing alternately, clusters of flowers, flowers with 4 or 5 petals forming a tube or trumpet, stamens not attached to the flower tube.
Entry link: Ericaceae