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With male and female flowers on different individuals.
Entry link: Dioecious


Yam Family. Comprised of 4 genera and 870 species of herbaceous or woody vines and shrubs, distributed throughout tropical and warm temperate regions. Member of this family have thick, sometimes woody roots or tuber-like underground stems and net-veined, often heart-shaped leaves that are sometimes lobed.

Entry link: Dioscoreaceae


Teasel Family. Comprised of 11 genera and about 350 species of perennial or biennial herbs and shrubs. Flowers are bisexual and slightly irregular, clustered in a dense head. There are five sepals, four to five united petals and four stamens.

Entry link: Dipsacaceae


Pertaining to the top (back) of the fish.
Entry link: Dorsal

Dorsal Fin

Entry link: Dorsal Fin


Freshwater Bivalve Family. Comprised of 4 genera of small freshwater mussels and aquatic bivalve mollusks that attach themselves to stones or other hard surfaces using a byssus.

Entry link: Dreissenidae