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Baby's Breathe

Commonly cultivated for cut and dry floral arrangements; often included in wildflower seed mixes.

Baby's breathe

Entry link: Baby's Breathe


Touch-me-not Family. Comprised of 2 genera and about 1,000 species of fleshy herbaceous plants that have toothed leaves and spurred flowers. The flowering plants may be annual or perennial.

Entry link: Balsaminaceae


At the base or ground level.
Entry link: Basal


Barberry Family. Comprised of 14 genera and about 701 species of perennial herbs and shrubs. Many of the shrubs have spines or spiny-margined leaves and flowers are highly variable.

Entry link: Berberidaceae


Birch Family. Comprised of 6 genera and about 145 species. Members are trees and shrubs that have simple, serrate, alternative leaves and are deciduous.

Entry link: Betulaceae


Refers to plants that need two years to complete their life cycle.
Entry link: Biennial


Trumpet Creeper or Catalpa Family. Comprised of about 110 genera and more than 800 species of trees, shrubs and, most commonly, vines. Members of this family usually have bright trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters, four stamens, a superior seed capsule containing flat winged seeds, no stipules and are mostly tropical woody climbers.
Entry link: Bignoniaceae


A leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole.
Entry link: Blade


Pigmented spot with an indistinct outline or shape.
Entry link: Blotch


Borage or Forget-me-Not Family. Comprised of 148 genera and more than 2,700 species. Frequently herbaceous and hairy and can be annuals or perennials. Members of this family usually have blue flowers in a coiled inflorescence, hairy stems and leaves, no stipules, and produces four seeds.
Entry link: Boraginaceae

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