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Freshwater Perciform Fish or Snakehead Family. Comprised of 3 genera and more than 50 species of elongated, predatory fish. Characterized by their large mouths and long, single dorsal and anal fins. They are also able to breathe atmospheric air with the help of a pair of vascular cavities located near the gills.

Entry link: Channidae


Stonewort or Freshwater Green Algae Family. Comprised of 6 genera and about 400 species that primarily live in fresh or occasionally, brackish waters. Members of this family have large, macroscopic thalli that grow up to 120 cm long, branched, multicellular and use chlorophyll to photosynthesize. They are very fragile and release a foul odor when crushed.

Entry link: Characeae


Without a stalk and slightly surrounding the stem.
Entry link: Clasping


A type of flower that do not open and self-pollinates.

Entry link: Cleistogamous


A group of plants that arise vegetatively from a single plant.
Entry link: Clone


Ray-finned Fish Family. Includes herrings, sardines, pilchards, shads, menhadens, and allies. Comprised of about 56 genera and 190 species that live in marine waters and many bodies of fresh water.

Entry link: Clupeidae


(formerly Guttiferae) Garcinia Family. Comprised of about 14 genera and about 800 species of tropical trees and shrubs. Many of which are important for their fruit, resins, or timbers. Members of this family usually have undivided leaves occurring opposite one another, glands on the leaves, five sepals and five petals, and many stamens.
Entry link: Clusiaceae


True Loach Family. Comprised of more than 200 species with most being native to central and southern Asia. Typical loach have very small scales and 3-6 pairs of whisker-like barbels around its mouth. They are hardy and usually nocturnal.

Entry link: Cobitidae


Entry link: Concept


Bindweed or Morning Glory Family. Comprised of 59 genera and about 1,600 species that are widespread in both tropical and temperate areas and cultivated for their colorful, funnel-shaped flowers. Most are twinning and erect herbs, with a few woody vines, trees and shrubs. Members of this family usually have trumpet-shaped flowers with five fused petals, five stamens fused to the base of the trumpet, simple leaves growing alternately up the stem, and a superior ovary.
Entry link: Convolvulaceae

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