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Longer than wide, with parallel sides, but broad, rather than narrow.
Entry link: Oblong


An ocrea is a membranous sheath around the stem where a leaf attaches.
Entry link: Ocrea


Olive Family. Comprised of 24 genera and about 615 species of woody trees or shrubs. Members of this family have four sepals, four petals, two stamens, and two fused carpets that form a single superior ovary. Many are cultivated for their beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Entry link: Oleaceae


Situated directly across from; as in leaves or branches at the same node.
Entry link: Opposite


Circular in outline.
Entry link: Orbicular


Expulsion of the egg from the oviduct to the external environment.
Entry link: Oviposition


Wood Sorrel Family. Comprised of 5 genera and about 570 species of annual or perennial herbs, shrubs and small trees that are primarily grown as ornamentals. Members of this family usually have flowers with five petals, ten stamens in two rings of five, a superior seed capsule with five parts, and no stipules. They often have a fleshy aril to fling the seed from the pod and often have folded leaflets.
Entry link: Oxalidaceae