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Inferior Mouth

A mouth located on the ventral surface of the head and oriented downwards.
Entry link: Inferior Mouth


Cluster or arrangement of flowers of a plant.
Entry link: Inflorescence


A phase between two periods of molting in the development of an insect larva or other invertebrate animal.
Entry link: Instar


A structure that surrounds the base of another structure, often applied to a set of bracts below the inflorescence, as in asters.
Entry link: Involucre


Iris Family. Comprised of 66 genera and around 2,200 species. Most species are native to temperate, subtropical and tropical regions and a few grow in swampy locations. Mostly perennial herbs, though there are a few shrubs and evergreen herbs as well. Members of this family usually have bulbs or other storage organs, long, thin leaves, six petals in two rings, three stamens, and a seed capsule which forms behind the flower.
Entry link: Iridaceae