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Pertaining to immature stage of juvenile insects.
Entry link: Larval

Laterally Compressed

A body shape in which the body depth is more than the body width.
Entry link: Laterally Compressed

Leaf Margin

The edge of a leaf.
Entry link: Leaf Margin


A small, dot-like area of corky tissue on the bark.
Entry link: Lenticel


The collar around the top of the sheath where it meets the blade.
Entry link: Ligule


Lily Family. Comprised of 16 genera and 635 species of herbs and shrubs that are native primarily to temperate and subtropical regions. Members of this family usually have bulbs or other storage organs; long, thin leaves, six petals, six stamens, amd a seed capsule which forms inside the flower.
Entry link: Liliaceae


Loosestrife Family. Comprised of 31 genera and about 650 species of trees, small shrubs and perennial herbs. Members of this family are characterized by the their petals being crumpled in the bud and the many-layered outer integument of the seed.

Entry link: Lythraceae



Hibiscus or Mallow Family. Comprised of about 243 genera and at least 4,225 species of herbs, shrubs and trees. A number of species are considered economically important. Members of this family usually have large flowers with five unjoined petals, stamens and divided style protruding from the center of the flower, and a calyx of five parts with another false calyx below it.
Entry link: Malvaceae


Pepperwort or Water-clover Family. Comprised of 3 genera and about 70 species of small aquatic ferns that root in mud or grow in shallow water. Members of this family are characterized by spore-bearing structures (sporangia) in hard cases (sporocarps) that are produced at or beneath ground level at the bases of the leaves.

Entry link: Marsileaceae


Buckbean Family. Comprised of 5 genera and 40 species of aquatic or marsh herbs that are native to temperate areas of the world. Members of this family often spread vegetatively by creeping underwater rhizomes (stems) and bear floating or emergent leaves.

Entry link: Menyanthaceae

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