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Waterleaf Family. A small family with about 250 species that are annual or perennial herbs or shrubs. Most are grown as ornamentals. Members of this family usually have blue or purple flowers, hairy leaves without stipules, and seed capsule containing many seeds.
Entry link: Hydrophyllaceae


Leaf Snail Family. Small to medium-sized air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks.

Entry link: Hygromiidae


Inferior Mouth

A mouth located on the ventral surface of the head and oriented downwards.
Entry link: Inferior Mouth


Cluster or arrangement of flowers of a plant.
Entry link: Inflorescence


A phase between two periods of molting in the development of an insect larva or other invertebrate animal.
Entry link: Instar


A structure that surrounds the base of another structure, often applied to a set of bracts below the inflorescence, as in asters.
Entry link: Involucre


Iris Family. Comprised of 66 genera and around 2,200 species. Most species are native to temperate, subtropical and tropical regions and a few grow in swampy locations. Mostly perennial herbs, though there are a few shrubs and evergreen herbs as well. Members of this family usually have bulbs or other storage organs, long, thin leaves, six petals in two rings, three stamens, and a seed capsule which forms behind the flower.
Entry link: Iridaceae



A relatively narrow and sharp ridge-like area of the ventral or dorsal surfaces or the sides of the caudal peduncle.
Entry link: Keel



(formerly Labiatae) Mint Family. Comprised of 236 genera and more than 7,000 species. Most members are perennial or annual herbs, though some are woody shrubs. Members of this family usually have square stems, leaves in pairs up the stem, flowers in circles round the stem, flowers with hood at the top and lip at the bottom, and aromatic foliage.
Entry link: Lamiaceae


Lance-shaped, much longer than wide and tapering to each end.
Entry link: Lanceolate

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