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The active stage of an insect immediately after egg hatch (first instar) found among certain insects in the order Hemiptera.
Entry link: Crawler


Sedge Family. Comprised of 70-115 genera and about 5,000 species of grasslike, herbaceous plants. Member of this family have fibrous roots, triangular stems and three-ranked, linear leaves. Many species are annuals, especially those of weedy or seasonal habits.

Entry link: Cyperaceae


Minnow and Carp Family. Includes minnows, goldfish, bitterlings, barbs, and carps. Comprised of about 220 genera and 2,420 species that live in fresh but sometimes brackish waters. They have pharyngeal teeth in 1-3 rows, some with 1 or 2 pairs of small barbels and range from 2.5 to 250 cm.

Entry link: Cyprinidae



With male and female flowers on different individuals.
Entry link: Dioecious


Yam Family. Comprised of 4 genera and 870 species of herbaceous or woody vines and shrubs, distributed throughout tropical and warm temperate regions. Member of this family have thick, sometimes woody roots or tuber-like underground stems and net-veined, often heart-shaped leaves that are sometimes lobed.

Entry link: Dioscoreaceae


Teasel Family. Comprised of 11 genera and about 350 species of perennial or biennial herbs and shrubs. Flowers are bisexual and slightly irregular, clustered in a dense head. There are five sepals, four to five united petals and four stamens.

Entry link: Dipsacaceae


Pertaining to the top (back) of the fish.
Entry link: Dorsal

Dorsal Fin

Entry link: Dorsal Fin


Freshwater Bivalve Family. Comprised of 4 genera of small freshwater mussels and aquatic bivalve mollusks that attach themselves to stones or other hard surfaces using a byssus.

Entry link: Dreissenidae



Oleaster Family. Comprised of 3 genera of shrubs and small trees of the Northern Hemisphere. Plants have a characteristic silvery or rusty-colored sheen, produced by a covering a tiny, distinctive scales. Root nodules contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Entry link: Elaeagnaceae

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