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A thickening of a rhizome, functioning as a form of food storage and/or for reproduction.
Entry link: Tuber


A small bulb-like structure.
Entry link: Turion



An umbrella-shaped inflorescence.
Entry link: Umbel


Vegetative Reproduction

Asexual reproduction, in which new individuals develop from vegetative parts such as stem or root tissue, rather than seeds or spores.
Entry link: Vegetative Reproduction


Violet Family. Comprised of 23 genera and 800 species that are typically small, perennial, and herbaceous. Most species are shrubs, lianas or small trees. Members of this family usually have alternate leaves with small leafy growths, flowers like violets with five unequal petals and a spur, calyx of five parts, three part seed capsule, and may have cleistogamous flowers.
Entry link: Violaceae


Grape Family. Comprised of 12 genera of woody plants, most of them tendril-bearing vines.

Entry link: Vitaceae


Watch List Species

The invasive species included on a watch list are priority species that have been identified as posing an immediate and significant threat to natural resources. These species have either never been confirmed in Michigan or have very limited distribution or are localized.

Entry link: Watch List Species


A group of three or more similar structures radiating from the same point or node.
Entry link: Whorled


With lignified cell walls; wood-like.
Entry link: Woody

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